When it comes to choosing one between the two best frameworks like Django vs PHP, it makes very crucial to choose one for web development. With the advancement of technologies, you will see many frameworks in the market, making it difficult to choose.  

If we describe Django vs PHP, whereas Django is a web development framework, PHP is a development language. Both have outstanding benefits to support various industries. However, Django helps develop and maintain web applications, and PHP assists in creating dynamic content to help interact with databases.

The article will provide you with in-depth information comparing  Django and PHP, covering the topic of use cases, applications built, detailed comparison, and which will be best for  Backend web development. Let’s move ahead.


Django is a python-based framework that is open-sourced for web development.  It is a high-level framework used for developing quick and faster web applications with less code. Django helps experts save time because of its readable syntax.

Top 5 Use Cases of Django

  • Time-tested
  • Easy to Use
  • Scalable and Reliable
  • Good Community Support
  • Excellent Documentation

Application Built under Django


PHP is a scripting language. It is easy to use and is used by many people when creating tiny web applications. Some websites created with PHP include WordPress and Flickr. By far, it is the server-side programming language that most of them prefer the most.

Top 5 Use cases PHP

  • Cybersecurity 
  • A website with its own script code
  • Integrate cloud
  • Image processing
  • CMS system

Application built under PHP

Comparison of Django vs PHP


  1. It has built-in features and a framework with batteries
  2. It makes speedy development and systematic designing
  3. The key principle of Django is time-saving code.
  4. Django can easily run with CMD prompts in both windows and Linux
  5. Django allows file uploading for web development
  6. The security loophole of PHP care is covered by Django


  1. It’s a dynamic language coded in HTML file.
  2. It manages Dynamic content, tracking, database, etc.
  3. It requires boilerplate code.
  4. The syntax of PHP allows you to learn PHP faster.
  5. The files in PHP have a temporary uploading system and will later be redirected.
  6. Require experts to help secure websites.

Concluding, both Django vs PHP, are outstanding for backend web development. Django has the advantage of advanced technology like Machine learning that supports the framework, while PHP allows an easy understanding of the scripting language. Honestly speaking, Django has more weightage than PHP, but everything depends on what kind of project you want to work on.  You can take a consultation, and finalize between Django vs PHP. Later you can hire Python Django developers or PHP developers from the best development companies.